Sunday, August 16, 2009

Letter-Writing Time!

As the debate continues over the details of the Changing School Options (CSO) restructuring plans, PEN members have been watching carefully and suggest that this is a time for ACTION. We encourage everyone to contact their board members now regarding high school changes.

Main points:

  • Northeast watns curricular equity among all Minneapolis high schools
  • Northeast wants to see strong, rigorous academic programming at Edison
  • Northeast wants educational pathways to Edison from more primary schools.


You may remember an earlier call to action with similar content, but we believe it is important to remind the board of our commitment to education equity in Northeast at this time. The board will be meeting at the end of the month to re-evaluate their high school plan for the city, and they need to know that Northeast cares about their public high school before that meeting.

Board members can be reached via email at the following addresses:

Carla Bates -
Pam Costain -
Jill Davis -
Lydia Lee -
Tom Madden -
Chris Stewart -
T. Williams -


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